Superkb 0.22 released

Superkb 0.22 has been released! This is a minor release. Do you want to know what’s new? Take a look at the 0.22 page on the Superkb Wiki.

Superkb is a shortcut-based launcher with on-screen graphical hints. It is written in C using Xlib, with the help of Cairo graphics, Pango, Imlib2, Xinerama, etc. and the source code is managed using Git.

Your keyboard shortcuts painted by Superkb 0.22. Click to see the full image.

Your keyboard shortcuts painted by Superkb 0.22

Some of Superkb features:

  • Easy to use. You select a hotkey (Super keys by default) as the base for your launchers and just hit Super+Key to execute whatever command you configured or launch whatever application you chose.
  • Non-obstructive. Being shortcut based, you don’t need anything on your screen. Holding the hotkey down will invoke the on-screen hints and releasing it will dismiss them.
  • Support for different keyboard geometries as provided by the underlying X server.
  • It provides on-screen feedback for whatever action you have launched.
  • Configuration is written on a file. You take the configuration with you to install it on your other computer as simple as copying a file.
  • The hotkey isn’t wasted. You can choose F8 (or any other) as your hotkey if you please and hitting it will still send it to the currently focused window. I use this for the Thinkpad T42 that has no Super keys.

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