Rosarito-Ensenada 50-mile fun bike ride

It was not long ago that I started biking to make at least a little more exercise than I usually did (zero).

At the same time, Alfredo started too. So him and I took the 50-mile challenge that is biking from Rosarito to Ensenada, Baja California.

I knew it was difficult, but not that much. The Sun was really tough. I heard other cyclists talking about how hot the day was. Uphill most people were walking. “Casual riders complete the trip in 4 hours” says the website. I did 7:15, and there were still people behind me.

It was a real challenge, but actually fun. I found out what I am capable of doing.

Lessons learned:

  • I need to train.
  • I need to learn to administer my water and food supplies better during the ride.
  • I need to lighten in my backpack (and my frontpack too)
  • I need to find the optimal way to use my energy on level ground and better hill management.
  • I probably need to find a more optimal way to use my bike: gears, posture and technique.
  • I might need to tune up the bike or have a better one.
  • I need to train.
  • Not to forget to empty the GNOME trash before placing the flash memory back in the camera. Sorry for the lack of pictures.
  • … and I’m sure I’m missing something else.

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Rosarito-Ensenada 50-mile fun bike ride — 6 comentarios

  1. las llantas! necesitas unas especiales para carretera, traes una para terraceria, eso te hace doblar el esfuerzo de la pedaleada porque no avanzas tan rapido como con las otras…
    creo que a la mayoria les pasa eso, mi hermano igual en su primera batallo y le dieron muchos calambres, ahora ya va mas preparado, creo que hasta botiquin carga, pesa su mochila, pero pues trae muchas cosas. Igual un aciento especial para hombres, ya sabes, donde no te lastime tanto.. y quiza un pantalon con gel, no tanto con esponja, no sirve, con gel.
    Espero un dia me anime a ir, por lo pronto el proximo año no
    Te recomiendo el paseo de los jueves, ahi practican mas las cuestas, el miercoles es la misma ruta siempre, el jueves cambia y hay mas retos

  2. @Alfredo: Yes, I (we?) definitely, definitely need to train.

    @isha.net8: *ESO* es lo que me faltaba poner en la lista, lo de disponer de una mejor bicicleta (en este caso, sus llantas). Gracias! 😀 También debo comprar mi short acojinado con gel.

    [Rough translation: isha.net8’s comment is related as how different tires lead to different performance according to the type of ground, and also some gel pants. My reply remarks about how *that* was the missing item on my list, and the gel shorts too.]

    @tonymoyoy: Un Tux es buena idea, va a ser como que, representando al Gultij, jaja!

    [Rough translation: tonymoyoy says to add a stuffed monkey to the bike or a basket like ET’s but with a penguin. MY reply is that a Tux would be nice, kind of like representing the Tijuana LUG.]

  3. Congratulations! Rosarito-Ensenada is a very nice ride. I have only done it once; I ended up all covered in salt because I tend to sweat a lot.

    The recommendations of isha.net8 are very good. There are non-threaded tires, which are more useful in roads. Your tires make you lose a great amount of energy by friction. Also, you should check that the rims are aligned, and that the break pads are correctly positioned, because sometimes the pads rub with the rims, which also makes you lose energy. I can’t distinguish if you have a steel frame or an aluminium frame, but if you don’t have an aluminium frame, I recommend you one… the weight of the bike is important, specially uphill. The idea of the Tux is great!

    I will start to make exercise again, to see if I can go with you in May.

  4. “So him and I took the 50-mile challenge that is biking from Rosarito to Ensenada, Baja California.”

    It must be either “him and me” or “he and I”. Both pronouns must be of the same type.

    So when is your next bike ride?

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