On beliefs and atheism

Atheism / Personally, I find atheists just as annoying as fundamentalist christians. / Well, the important thing is that you've found a way to feel superior to both.

What a coincidence. I recently said the following over Tweeter (translated from Spanish):

To debate if «God» exists or not is like arguing if 0 is positive or negative. The thruth is both are the same number.

For me, +0 == -0 and I like the analogy. And yes, I have already been criticized… but, oh well.

In code I think it could be like this:

function dios_existe() {
	if (sign(0) == 1) return True;
	if (sign(0) == -1) return False;
	return dios_existe() /* haha, because that's just what happens with human beings */

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