Este script permite poner en un archivo las últimas N líneas de una salida. Por ejemplo, ping […] | alwayslast.bash FILE 10 permitiría que FILE tuviera las últimas 10 líneas de la salida de ping. This script allows for a file to … Sigue leyendo

Caddeus 0.4

I have just released Caddeus 0.4. Caddeus is a prepared GNUmakefile oriented to the strict quality of C programs. It features an optimal test runner, strict C flags by default, automatic Cppcheck, Clang static analyzer and Valgrind usage if installed on … Sigue leyendo


Monitor is a purely-Bash script that lets us leave the PC monitoring the result of an instruction. Unlike watch, Monitor is not about observing the output of the instruction, but to detect the moment when the instruction fails and stops failing … Sigue leyendo